MISSION:  Provide cutting-edge business intelligence, state-of-the-art solutions, and valuable social-networking opportunities that facilitate our “C-Suite” / Sr. Exec. Members' and their companies' success:  make profits, create jobs, and nourish growth, in a socially responsible manner.   WE SERVE ALL "C-Suite" / Sr. Executives.  -  SINCE 1991  -  

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Member's Rules

Members' Rules:  Developed BY the Members, FOR the Members, over time since our start in 1991, in collaboration with the roundtable leaders, for everyone's benefit and protection.

1. We all attend as regularly as possible and participate proactively in our monthly dinner meetings.
2. We all accept equal responsibility for the success of our CEO Roundtable.
3. We all agree to comply with all laws in any activities of the CEO Roundtable.
4. We all respect the CONFIDENTIAL nature of information we exchange at any of our meetings, events, or other activities, and we all respect the CONFIDENTIAL nature and internal use ONLY of our membership info.
5. We all respect that Members, our guests, and speakers will not solicit, without their specific invitation, other Members, guests, or speakers, for jobs, products/service sales, donations, or anything else.
6. We all pay our annual dues on a timely basis, using either a check payable to "CEO Roundtable" or by using PayPal:  Credit or Debit Card.  If you pay by mailed paper check, make check PAYABLE TO:  "CEO Roundtable" and MAIL TO:  Sandy Weissent, CEO Roundtable, 1415 N. Dearborn Pkwy, 22-D, Chicago, IL 60610.  ​We operate on a volunteer-management, not-for-profit, basis.  All payments are NON-refundable.    
7.  Members MUST register themselves, and also register their guests at our website for our dinners, and pay for each of their guests using PayPal (also at our website) @ $35 / guest in 2019, and escort  their guests to the meetings.  Guests are considered registered, ONLY after they are paid for.  Members are also responsible for explaining the "Members' Rules" to their guests and are also responsible for their own and their guests' knowledge of, and respect for, these "Members' Rules."  We operate on a volunteer management, not-for-profit basis.  All payments are NON-refundable.  We appreciate your attention to these details, and, your respect for registration / attendance etiquette.

The CEO Roundtable will aim to hold its Members' Annual Meeting at the last or first monthly dinner meeting of the year, unless otherwise announced. 

Members' Rules

If you are a "C-Level" executive (e.g., Chairman, Owner, CEO, COO, President, CFO, CIO, CMO, General Manager, National or Regional Sales Mgr., Managing Partner, etc.) with organization-wide, or function-wide, P/L responsibilities, and you would like to join the CEO Roundtable, please see our "Why and How To Join" page, and contact our Chairman:

Alexander "Sandy" Weissent
Office: 312-751-2153
Cell: 312-399-1901
1415 N. Dearborn Pkwy, Suite 22-D
Chicago, IL 60610

SandyWeissent@CEORoundtable-Chicago.com ​