Why Join / Our Value Proposition:

  • Engaging, helpful peer group of "C-Level" executives (approx. 100+ Members, representing 160+ co.s)

  • Member-created-and-respected MISSION, GOALS, and RULES

  • Timely topics / suggested by you and your peers

  • Super speakers / experts in their field - present at monthly dinners 

  • Cutting-edge info, state-of-the-art solutions, intellectual stimulation 

  • Extremely high ROI (we're a low-cost, Not-for-Profit)

  • Simple Value Proposition:  Participate and Prosper 

  • Enjoyable interactive discussions, with valuable peer group Q&A

  • Private, "solicitation-free" meeting environments (usually in the downtown area, near the train stations)

  • Cooperative, engaging peer group for social - networking events

  • Dinner, dessert, optional drinks included (wine included = no Members' fees at monthly dinner mtgs!)

  • Optional private / small-peer-group, info exchanges, problem-solving, goal-setting-monitoring opportunities.

  • Eight to twelve formal, business-topic, catered dinner meetings with wine, PLUS dozens of additional business and social-networking events, e.g., Lake Michigan or Chicago River boat cruises, golf outings, CSO concerts at Millennium Park, small group lunches, etc.

  • Up to $2,000 in waived fees at partnered-3rd-party-business-conferences

  • Low-cost, Not-for-Profit, structure:  $399 ALL-inclusive, annual fee for 2019, for dozens of events for Members/yr.  We had 62 total events in 2018. 

  • Members pay one time / year, upfront and DO NOT pay any additional per monthly dinner meeting fees.

  • History of success:  Since 1991, 288 consecutive monthly dinner mtgs, plus dozens of additional mtgs and events/yr. with partnering professional groups.

We are VERY Member-oriented, VERY Member-driven.  We ENJOY each other, with the shared desire to "learn and share cutting-edge business intelligence and state-of-the-art, practical solutions" to the personal and organizational challenges we all face.  We've held monthly dinners since 1991, and dozens of additional partnered events with other professional groups in Chicago, and have established a wonderfully, positive, congenial "culture" of camaraderie, shared learning, and success. 


If you are a "C-Level" / Sr. Exec. (Chairman, CEO, COO, President, GM, CFO, CMO, CIO, etc.) with org.-wide, or function-specific P/L responsibilities, or similar responsibilities, with organization revenues in the approximate range of $0.5M to $1+B (the approx. size range for about 75% of our Member companies), PLEASE CONSIDER BECOMING A MEMBER!  Please complete the "Contact Information Form" on this website HOME PAGE, or, contact our Chairman:  Alexander “Sandy” Weissent, O: 312-751-2153, C: 312-399-1901, or, SandyWeissent@CEORoundtable-Chicago.comand indicate your interest.  We'd love to invite you as our guest to attend a dinner meeting!

How To Join

If you have no questions and you already know that you qualify, please complete the "Contact Information Form" on this website HOME PAGE, or, send our Chairman a brief email with your info: Your name, title, organization name, scope of your P/L responsibilities, your organization mission, approx. revenue and approx. number of employees, email address, phone no.s, and how best you'd like us to get back to you. Usually, we can respond within a day or two to chat further, or to get you enrolled promptly as a Member.  To start the enrollment process, please contact our Chairman:  Alexander "Sandy" Weissent, SandyWeissent@CEORoundtable-Chicago.com, or, C: (312) 399-1901; O: (312) 751-2153.  

We welcome your participation as a Member of the CEO Roundtable-Chicago! 


Provide cutting-edge intelligence, state-of-the-art solutions, and valuable social-networking opportunities that facilitate our “C-Suite” Members and their companies' success:  make profits, create jobs, and nourish growth, in a socially responsible manner.   


Offer Timely Topics; Super Speakers; High-level, CONFIDENTIAL, but, Lively Discussions; Cutting-Edge Business Intelligence; State-of-the-Art Solutions to the Leadership and Organization Issues we all face and must address; Very High ROI; Many Opportunities for Networking in an ENJOYABLE and PRIVATE ENVIRONMENT with a good meal and a relaxing beverage.

Members' Rules:  

Members' Rules:  Developed BY the Members, FOR the Members, since our start in 1991, in collaboration with the roundtable leaders, for everyone's benefit and protection.

  1. We all attend as regularly as possible and participate proactively in our monthly dinner meetings.
  2. We all accept equal responsibility for the success of our CEO Roundtable.
  3. We all agree to comply with all laws in any activities of the CEO Roundtable.
  4. We all respect the CONFIDENTIAL nature of information we exchange at all of our meetings, events, or other activities, and we all respect the CONFIDENTIAL nature and internal use ONLY of our membership info.
  5. We all respect that Members, our guests, and our speakers will not solicit, without their specific invitation, other Members, guests, or speakers, for jobs, products/service sales, donations, or anything else.
  6. We all pay our annual dues on a timely basis, using either a check payable to "CEO Roundtable" or by using    PayPal / Credit Card / Debit Card.  If you pay by mailed paper check, PLEASE make your check PAYABLE TO:  "CEO Roundtable" and MAIL TO:  Sandy Weissent, CEO Roundtable, 1415 N. Dearborn Pkwy, Suite 22-D, Chicago, IL 60610.  We operate on a volunteer, not-for-profit basis.  All payments are NON-refundable.   
  7. We all register our planned attendance for each monthly dinner meeting BEFORE NOON on the day BEFORE our dinner meetings.  Members MUST also register their guests for our dinners at our website, and pay for each of their guests using PayPal (also at our website) @ $35 / guest in 2019, and escort  their guests to the meetings.  Guests are considered registered, ONLY after they are paid for in advance of the meetings.  Members are also responsible for explaining the "Members' Rules" to their guests and are also responsible for their own and their guests' knowledge of, and respect for, these "Members' Rules."  We operate on a volunteer management, not-for-profit basis.  All payments are NON-refundable.  We appreciate your attention to these details, and, your respect for registration / attendance etiquette.

The CEO Roundtable aims to hold its brief, Members' Annual Meeting at the last or first monthly dinner meeting of the year, unless otherwise announced.

Why and how to join

If you are a "C-Level" executive (e.g., Chairman, Owner, CEO, COO, President, CFO, CIO, CMO, General Manager, National or Regional Sales Mgr., Managing Partner, etc.) with organization-wide, or function-wide, P/L responsibilities, and you would like to join the CEO Roundtable, please see our "Why and How To Join" page, and contact our Chairman:

Alexander "Sandy" Weissent, Cell: 312-399-1901
1415 N. Dearborn Pkwy, Suite 22-D
Chicago, IL 60610


MISSION:  Provide cutting-edge business intelligence, state-of-the-art solutions, and valuable social-networking opportunities that facilitate our “C-Suite” / Sr. Exec. Members' and their companies' success:  make profits, create jobs, and nourish growth, in a socially responsible manner.   WE SERVE ALL "C-Suite" / Sr. Executives.  -  SINCE 1991  -  

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