MISSION:  Provide cutting-edge business intelligence, state-of-the-art solutions, and valuable social-networking opportunities that facilitate our “C-Suite” / Sr. Exec. Members' and their companies' success:  make profits, create jobs, and nourish growth, in a socially responsible manner.   WE SERVE ALL "C-Suite" / Sr. Executives.  -  SINCE 1991  -  

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History, Structure/Cost

If you are a "C-Level" executive (e.g., Chairman, Owner, CEO, COO, President, CFO, CIO, CMO, General Manager, National or Regional Sales Mgr., Managing Partner, etc.) with organization-wide, or function-wide, P/L responsibilities, and you would like to join the CEO Roundtable, please see our "Why and How To Join" page, and contact our Chairman:

Alexander "Sandy" Weissent
Office: 312-751-2153
Cell: 312-399-1901
1415 N. Dearborn Pkwy, Suite 22-D
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Brief History:

We started the CEO Roundtable in early 1991, at the request of Jack Gould, then Dean of the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business ("The GSB" is now "UChicago Booth").  The Dean's mandate was to exclusively serve UChicago alumni in "C-Level" / Sr. Executive positions (e.g., Chairman, CEO, COO, Owner, President, CFO, CIO, CMO, GM, Managing Partner, National or Regional Manager, etc.) who were GSB / Booth alumni, exclusively.  In January, 2010, all of our approximately 85 Members, were "C-Suite" executives from The GSB / UChicago Booth. However, since then, we have also welcomed graduates from any school, who qualify as "C-Level" / Sr. Executive leaders of organizations, who have organization-wide, or, functional P/L responsibilities.  By 2014, our 24th year, we had over 130 "C-Suite" Members from many different educational backgrounds, working in many different industries.  Most executives who ask to join are clearly qualified by their current or recent past "C-level" executive positions in mature companies.  

We are approaching 300 consecutive, monthly dinner meetings, and, in recent years, complimentary attendance at 40 - 50  additional Members' social-networking events, partnered-3rd-party business events / conferences in Chicago.  The waived fees for our partnered-3rd-party conferences and other events totaled $2,000 per Member in each of the past 3 years. Please visit our, "Schedule of Events" tabs to see complete calendars of our timely topics, expert-super speakers, and our many other events.  We are a 501-C-6, Not-for-Profit, Illinois corporation, with an all-volunteer management team and board of directors.

Members Serve On 4 Management Committees, etc.:

In addition to our 3-person, Board of Directors, we have a "Board of Advisors" (5 - 7 Members), and 3 Management Committees:  "Membership Committee" (3 Members) who review the qualifications of those interested executives who may require a clarification of their titles and/or responsibilities, etc.  We also have a "Topics Committee" (3 Members) who review the Members' regular suggestions for "timely topics" and "super speakers."  In 2012, we added our "W-M-IT Committee" (Website, Marketing, and IT Committee) with rotating Members who advise us on those areas.  In addition, Members often serve as "Meeting Manager" for a particular month's topic and/or speaker, usually for a Topic and/or Speaker that they suggested and that was selected for our schedule. In addition to being "timely" our topics often address the critical personal leadership and organization challenges we must address.

Member Focus:

We are Member-focused, Member-run, and we all share equally in the success of our roundtable. Our Members have created a simple set of GOALS and RULES with our roundtable leaders over our history together. These support our MISSION and help all of us to better serve and protect our Members' mutual interests, and to better ensure our full enjoyment of our time together. Three of our more noteworthy rules are that we do NOT allow anyone at our meetings to "cold" solicit others (for donations, jobs, sales, or anything else), and, we treat any and all personal or private info we hear at meetings as confidential, and, finally, we do NOT allow anyone to use our membership contact info for anything other than internal CEO Roundtable business.

Structure / Cost:

We are a 501-c-6, Not-for-Profit, Illinois Corp., led by volunteer, for-profit business executives and volunteer member committees.  We have always tried to keep our costs to a bare minimum, but without sacrificing quality, which is one reason why our annual membership fee is so low, and our growth has been so strong. 

The 2019 ALL-inclusive annual fee is just $399, for about 50 events, through Dec., 2019.  We had 62 events in 2018.  We accept payments by cash, check, and credit or debit cards thru PayPal. 
There are no additional charges.  

Among the events we offer, are "partner" events that sometimes have conference fees that we arrange to have waived for our Members.  Over each of the past several years, those waived fees have totaled approximately $2,000 for each Member.

Members also receive a $100 CASH bonus for each new, qualified guest they refer who joins the CEO Roundtable for a full year fee.  There is no limit / no cap on the number of CASH bonuses Members may receive.  

Members often bring executive guests to our monthly dinner meetings to introduce those potential Members to The CEO Roundtable.  In 2019, the nominal, dinner-guest fee is $35 for a catered dinner with open wine bar.  The $35 is REBATED to the payer once the guest becomes a full-year Member.  

Annual fees help pay for ALL annual, operating, administrative, and management costs.  Our one annual fee pays for our own exclusive events, additional complimentary, partnered-3rd-party business conferences, and additional activities that our Members are invited to attend.  Corporate sponsors and monthly dinner meeting hosts also help us sustain our operation.   

Members who join on or after July 1, can pay our pro-rated, 2nd -half year dues, about half the annual fee.

In 2017, we started to limit our January and February monthly dinner meetings due to the harsh winter travel conditions, but continued with our usual "partner" events.  Since our start in 1991, we have not held monthly dinner meetings in the busy vacation months of July and August, but continue with numerous, more casual, summer social-networking events, and partner events of various kinds. 

In 2019, we aim to repeat this same extremely high ROI for our Members.  The CEO Roundtable will hold its Annual Meeting at the last, or the first monthly dinner meeting of the year, unless otherwise announced.